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When it comes to all things audio, Electro-Voice has consistently been an innovator - from their earliest radio receivers and custom-built PA systems to the development of their microphones, amplifiers, and loudspeakers. Today, almost ninety years later, passion for incredible audio remains the driving force behind Electro-Voice. Continuing to design, research, and build the newest, most efficient products in the industry, a piece of Electro-Voice gear is always ready for whatever live sound application awaits. All you need to do is look to all of the touring musicians using their versatile microphones and portable PA setups, club owners running a fixed high-performance EV sound system, and large venues trusting EV to deliver an incredible audio experience. Simply put, EV loudspeakers are the preferred choice of countless musicians, proprietors, and engineers throughout the world. Read more
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Electro Voice ZLX Renowned for their dynamic combination of rafter-shaking power and ear-pleasing tone, Electro Voice powered speakers have become a staple of the live music scene. Equally at home as   ...
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The Electro Voice RE20 Dynamic Microphone is Industry Standard among broadcasters and sound engineers worldwide. Variable-D design and a heavy-duty, internal P-pop filter, reduces proximity effect and an   ...
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The ASP-58 pole is best suited for use with EKX and ETX subwoofers. The ASP-58 is a heavy duty adjustable height pole that features a tapered bottom with M20 threads on the end to ensure a perfect fit and   ...
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