Electro-Voice - Vendor of the Month

There’s a reason you’ll see decades-old EV mains and monitors still going strong on stages worldwide, often as the longest-serving members of the house PA in the hardest-working venues anywhere. Despite having been kicked and dinged countless times – and doused with countless spilled drinks – EV’s legendary reliability wins out, night after night…

Whether for a small club or a stadium tour, our lineup lets you pick a model to suit your stage setup and your budget – you can trust the workhorse durability, compact footprint and best-in-class sound quality that makes the EV badge so familiar alongside thousands of performers across the globe.

ZLX - Often imitated, never equaled

ZLX makes it easier than ever to own and experience premium professional audio. Since launching, ZLX’s compact, ergonomic and lightweight three-handle enclosure design has been imitated by many of our competitors, but guess what? What’s inside the box makes a big difference too, and ZLX wins when it comes to sound quality – read the customer reviews!

EKX - Maximum sonic impact, minimum effort

EKX combines renowned EV sound quality and reliability with the latest technology — all in a compact package suitable for a wide range of sound reinforcement scenarios, including musicians, DJs and small-to-medium live, club, and installed sound applications. EKX is equipped with professional features not usually found at its price point, making it an incredible value.